The perfect time

an unconditional crime

when I stole your heart

and you stole my.

The world may be bitter

Still the sweetest things come by 

Even if it stings 

I’ll remember you until I die.

I heard you calling 

For me all the time

Your love is prevailing

Over my soul and mind.

What is strange

Is the shivers I get 

Which makes me happy 

And frightened yet.

Your lips so tender

Touch my head

Your voice so intimidating

Making me scared to death.

The mysterious eyes

Piercing through my skin 

Uncontrollable ties 

Your touch is like a medicine.

Hello guys! I know I have been gone really for long this time. Just was caught up with matters and stuff. Just life I guess. But I’m so happy to be back here. It feels amazing. I missed you all so much.

Thank you for bearing with me. Do like, comment, share and subscribe and follow if you like my stuff and want more.

Twitter: Shalini Guha

Instagram: Shalini Guha

(Username for insta: zara2899)

Thank you and will be back soon.




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