Do you wanna escape?

the truth, the lies

the love, the fights?

the heart which is tempting

the feeling that ignites?

Do you wanna escape?

the heartbeat, the hopes

the emotions that you hold?

discovering yourself or

doing what you were told?

Do you wanna escape?

the ties, the competition

the boundaries in expression?

for what I was asked 

I have not been that

for what I want to become

is no where near that.

Do you wanna escape?

the mind, the soul

as only the heart knows your goal

will the wishes come true?

will there be glue?

to stick the aparted ones

to bring back the departed ones?

Do you wanna escape?

to the kindness, the freedom

to be true and warm

with no regrets coming around

sticking to your own ground.

Do you wanna escape?

as it was never just

Do you wanna ask?

will there ever be trust?

for what I found after looking around

was left a letter “I” lonely on the ground.

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