Our Christmas

Festival #2 (FESTIVALS #1)

WOW! At last Christmas is here. Had to wait so long. This year is coming to an end. Heck of year na? Well my was good. Not amazing, not worse but good. I was thinking what should I write? should I write about the significance of Christmas or should I just day what it means to me? And I kinda wanna go with the second one.

So like many other children I too heard the story of Santa Claus but I didn’t really believe in it, the way I didn’t believe in fairy tales. But the story of a man spreading happiness to others, gifts, etc. is perfect and made me happy and wonder if this man really exists. And you know what? He did.

When on Christmas I and my Di (my elder sister) open our eyes we find ourselves surrounded with gifts and chocolates kept by Santa Claus. All our favourites around us. Every year this happens and still we feel the same happiness and love. Like several kids in the world My Santa was my parents. Every year they do everything for us, try to fulfil all our wishes not only on Christmas but throughout the year.  I know they are hard at times. Sometimes they don’t understand us or get our point, can’t look at things the way we do or think.  But still just because of differences the love we share can’t be ignored right?

Such a beautiful day. Christmas brings smile on our face, happiness and excitement in our life. I wish you all Merry Christmas! Have a blast. Spread love and also don’t step back when you get love. May your family and all your loved ones stay blessed and always happy.

I tried to write a poem on Christmas so, I hope you like it.

A special time of year has come

Came along with it joy

The bells rang, the choir sang

kids in hands held toy

For Jesus was born on this very day 

made the day holy, joyous and gay.

For humanity got new form 

People got their leader, their Lord to pray

warm and special memories so often come my way

reliving and sharing with the ones 

we hold most dear

The countless trees and the twinkling stars

reflecting on snow in the world below

Wipe away all your tears

only Jingle Bells we hear

here comes the best time of the year

Enjoy, laugh and love

For Christmas is here.

Merry Christmas to all! Please be kind and give me a like, comment and don’t forget to share and subscribe. Be generous people..

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Thank You for bearing this… 😛


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