Bleeding Red

The magic appears

With the shedded tears

Filling the blank spaces with the words

Voices screaming in my ears

The moon stands still in the sky

Do you ever think

Why the tides get so high?

Up and up it rises, above the night sky

Someday they will touch

The stars will witness the love

The sun will blush

The sky will flush

When will complexities be deciphered

When will the relled up emotions be heard

The invisible tears

In the room of denial

Lies the abandoned pain

What went wrong?

What couldn’t be said?

Like the stained sleeve

Like the walking dead

Disappeared like the droplets in the sun

Seeking answers for What I had done?

The book of desires piled up unread

Stories in the novel remain unsaid

Tied up with the broken threads

Lies my cello-taped heart

Bleeding Red….

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