Towards Equality #3

Towards Equality Project pt.5: LGBTQ+

LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (info also given by Tanya in her post).

What is Homosexuality? I can definitely tell you its not disease to creep out about if you think so. It is a sexual orientation just like male and female. A person is attracted to another person of the same gender.

Homophobia, a term that unfortunately exists (shocking), used by the people who hold dislike or prejudice against homosexual people. I am so sorry, I feel so pity for the people who actually have this. Its such a stupid term. Actually it should be human dislike of or prejudice against human. I don’t know when we already have a a term, that is Anthrophobia or social phobia. A person who is shy, timid, lacks courage, is scared of facing something, lacks self-assurance, etc. has this phobia.Well what I think after reading about all such stuff is that the problem is not with them at all. It is with the one who is not confident enough to accept the truth or reality and is timid.For too long homosexuality itself has been thought of as the central problem of gay men and women which is not a problem at all. In fact, the real issue for gay people is not homosexuality, but homophobia, society’s fear and persecution of them.

Homophobia is a pervasive, irrational fear of homosexuality. Homophobia includes the fear, heterosexuals have of any homosexual feelings within themselves, any overt mannerisms or actions that would suggest homosexuality, and the resulting desire to suppress or stamp out homosexuality. And it also includes the self-hatred and self-denial of homosexuals who know what they are but have been taught all their lives by a heterosexual society that people like themselves are sick, sinful and criminal. I wanna live in a imaginary world of Freedom, Equality, Respect, because these do not exist in the real world ( You are right Tanya. Freedom is an illusion).

George Weinberg coined the term Homophobia in the lat 1960s (Don’t know why did he though). He used homophobia to label heterosexuals’ dread of being in close quarters with homosexuals as well as homosexuals’ self loathing (wrote a book Society and the Healthy Homosexual). He was a Heterosexual psychologist. Which reminds me of Hetero-sexism, a term analogous to sexism and racism, describing an ideological system that denies, denigrates, and stigmatises any non-heterosexual form of behaviour, identity, relationship, or community.The term hetero-sexism highlights the parallels between anti-gay sentiment and other forms of prejudice, such as racism, antisemitism, and sexism. Up until now gay people have been too apologetic in trying to establish the legitimacy of their sexuality. In fact homosexuality is as valid as any other lifestyle. There is no reason for gays and lesbians to apologise for themselves and reject the condescending pathological approach implicit in the usual questions asked about homosexuality.


What are the causes of homosexuality?

Can you tell if you are a homosexual?

Can homosexuality be cured?


What are the causes of homophobia?

How can you tell if you are a homophobic?

Can homophobia be cured?

Today the repression of gay sexuality is enforced through the life patterns and institutions that make up our society. Family, educational system, church, government, business, media, legal, medical and psychiatric professions, all effectively combine to enforce the heterosexual model with its rigid role structures. Male supremacy, sexism, and homophobia are society’s reactions to those women and men whose lifestyles challenge its confining aggressive male/passive female sex roles. Gay women challenge male supremacy in our society. By choosing to love and devote most of their energy to other women, lesbians are refusing to feed into a system where power and prestige are based on gender, and where a woman takes her status from the man she is attached to.Similarly gay men, through their disdain for the usual requirements of manhood and through their integration of attributes like warmth and emotions that have traditionally been considered ‘female characteristics,’ belie the importance of the ‘masculine identity’ others struggle so hard to achieve.

When will people realise and overcome their fear?

When will the people realise that they are no one to decide whether LGBT are part of our society or or not because they are the society itself like us??

Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Male and Female are just the type of genders or form a human exists in. All are the same. Food, water, oxygen, land, etc. everything is shared and all are the wonderful creation of the unknown power that exists.

Stop fearing and Start loving to make the illusion of freedom, respect, equality, etc. Reality. I hope I could inspire you guys a bit at least and I did then do like, comment, share and subscribe to stay updated and also join are little effort of bringing equality.

Thank You.

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