Towards Equality #2

Towards Equality Project pt.- 4: RAPE CULTURE

It was the term that came in the human life during the 1970’s by the women in America. This term was used to show that in what ways society blamed the rape victims and not the Men who sexually assaulted them which normalised and excused sexual violence in the media and popular culture. It is perpetuated through the use of misogynistic language, the objectification of women’s bodies, and the glamorisation of sexual violence, thereby creating a society that disregards women rights and safety.

First of all ‘R’ ‘A’ ‘P’ ‘E,’ “RAPE” is not a culture but a curse on women due to the animals in form of men around them (not all but). I do not understand still that why girls are blamed when they are the one who have been sexually assaulted by a  social wild animal (human is said to be social animal). 

  1. Blaming the victim (it is so common, just by saying “She asked for it”). Like Dude, Why would you think she asked for it?  She doesn’t know or may be knows. She’s frank with you, laughing with you just because she thought that may be you can be a good friend. A girl wearing shot skirts or hot pants or frocks, bikini, etc. doesn’t come with a sign board ‘AVAILABLE.’
  2. Defining womanhood as submissive and sexually passive where as manhood as dominant and sexually aggressive.
  3. By saying BOYS will be boys or MEN will be men. Let me remind you GIRLS are also GIRLS, they aren’t a tissue to use and throw.
  4. Assuming only promiscuous women get raped. A guy surrounded by many girls or seen with different girls is called a STUD. And a Girl surrounded by guys or seen with different guys is called a SLUT. Why would you assume that? Do you know her or even her name? May be she is cool to hangout with, she is witty, intelligent, understanding, a very good person and friend, etc. May be she has relation with many guys but that doesn’t give you any right to touch her forcibly.
  5. Teaching girls or women to avoid getting raped. DON’T be out at night, DON’T go there, it’s NOT SAFE etc. all the teachings of DON’T, NO, NOT, SAFE, etc. is given by the society to the girls. Why doesn’t the so called society change their teachings for the boys to “DON’T make it UNSAFE for the girls”, “RESPECT them, she could be your sister.” Why doesn’t the society teach these boys the meaning of DON’T, NO, NOT, SAFE, RESPECT WOMEN and ask them not to use sexually explicit jokes.
  6. Publicly scrutinising a victim’s dress, mental state, motives, and history. I mean what does rape has to do with she is a VIRGIN or NOT?  If she has been into a sexual relationship before then it doesn’t mean that she’ll welcome you to do anything you want. She was in a relationship or watching porn or whatever thing by her own choice.
  7. Marital rape is when the victim gets raped by the person she is married to. Everyone thinks that this isn’t rape they are married. People or may be just MEN think that when two people get married then the man has sexual, mental, physical, rights on his wife. I don’t know for what reason they think that but they do. Rape is harassing a person sexually or trying to make a sexual relation with a person without their permission. Did anywhere in the definition you found the words ‘except marriage’? I don’t think so I read it anywhere.  If she doesn’t wanna do it then you can’t force her to and if you do it forcibly then it is nothing but RAPE.

I live in the largest democracy, a booming sector for industries, 2nd most populated country in the world named INDIA. Development to it’s extreme, reached the moon but still a girl child gets killed when she is born, her clothes is considered her character certificate, she is judged by whether she’s friends with a guy or only girls. As said by Tanya that after the Nirbhaya rape case that happened at the Capital of India, Delhi, many laws were introduced and all those candle marches took place but why after a girl was killed?? or was murdered mentally and physically?  After laying down so many laws the rate of rapes in India increased or may be now people have got the courage to raise voice. But the files are left closed on desks and soon in store rooms. According to the survey of 2015 more than 35,000 rape cases were reported in India and out of these around 70-80% victims were raped by a person they knew. As per the 2012 statistics New Delhi has the highest number of rape cases. According to the survey in 2015, an average of 100 rapes and several molestation each day occurs in India.

The 2016 surveys show dark figures of up to 91.8%. According to the worldwide survey done one out of every 3 women is raped and only 6% of the rape cases in the world has been reported, 62% of rape victims were physically injured, 9% were beaten or disfigured after all the laws made for the safety and protection of women.Seriously, Are you HUMAN?

To all those people who think that girls are like delicate flowers who need to be protected by the so called men of our society. Listen carefully. WE DON’T need YOU to PROTECT Us but WE want YOU to stay AWAY from Us and RESPECT Us. When a Girl says NO it means NO.

Please join hands together and take a stand. You have the power of writing and so many other sources, use it for the right cause, to bring a change.

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