Man is blessed with a super computer called BRAIN. Time and again this brain has proved its worth with great inventions. Every invention has affected society as a whole. Fire, wheel, electricity, etc. all transformed society. Scientific evolution were taking place speedily. Man’s quest for comfort and better living acted as a catalyst to this scientific evolution. Computers made man’s life easier. The word CYBER took the world by storm. Every field witnessed a transition with the addition of computers. This process continued with the transition of base phones to mobiles and long queues in banks to ATM’s. Technology at its best. The pace of daily activities increased. But soon the world was shattered by the word HACKING. The word itself starts with the letter H as in hush or quite. Meaning, getting access into else’s account without their knowledge. Soon it became a cyber crime. Is it ethical or not, depends on the circumstance. Simply, hacking is not ethical:-

  • It creeps into prohibited territory
  • It damages relations
  • International criminal activities increase
  • Terrorism increases
  • May cause wars.

But another thought says it’s ethical until it does not harm anyone. In this century, striving for survival has made hacking ethical. High profile hacking has become a necessity for countries to keep a check on the activities of other countries. It is no more confined to physical spying as in Bond movies.

  • Terrorist activities can be controlled
  • Countries can keep a check on others
  • National security can use hackers for its own purpose
  • Defence establishments can be monitored

Hacking is ethical according to the situation in which it’s being done but unethical when it directly harms individuals or nations. Cyber policing should be effective.

Just keeping it short this time because kinda into something right now. Really sorry, didn’t really have my mind into it. Looking forward to read what you say about this. Do like, comment, share and subscribe because each one matters. Also check out my other posts.

Thank You.


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