Towards Equality #1

#TowardsEquality Project Pt- 3 : Dress Code via @scribledreams

What’s equality? Do we have any fixed form of it? Don’t you think the definition of equality changes time to time?

Well if in a sentence, then Equality is a state of no differences, discrimination, etc and being equal in all prospects. We all have studied about equality, discrimination, etc in civics, history, moral science and google and of course we also come across many cases in the newspapers and of course other sites on the internet. I really don’t know what change I can bring by sitting here and typing this on my laptop but may be someone will read this and pass it on. May be someone can realise that they are doing something wrong or may be someone will wake up and speak out at last.

Listing in how many ways people discriminate or judge you is very long or may be never ending. But you know what if a person is being discriminate then it’s his or her fault too. That person encouraged the other by staying silent. Do you think India or France would have gained freedom if they didn’t fight for it?? You all have studied history right?

As am late for this post project going on, am gonna start with the dress code. Well generation to generation dressing styles have changed and also laws. I brought these two together because no matter how many laws are made or modernised it doesn’t really change people nor the person. A minister wearing a suit in India banned jeans for girls only. Announced in his state that girls can’t wear jeans, T-shirts, to college and also in the state (won’t take the name). It is weird that wearing jeans to college can harm education and society. And it is weirder that how did that dumb person become a minister. You know we traditional dresses like saree, lehenga-choli (skirt and blouse), etc.


Jeans and top

In all these dresses a girls waist in visible, the neck cut of the top or blouse she wears is deep. It is just strange to me that wearing that is not bad but if I wear a frock (waist not visible), jeans and top (again waist not visible or may be crop tops), shots, etc. makes me a characterless girl and make me look available to guys.

Let me take you a bit to the past, way more before when there were no laws against woman. When there was no discrimination on the basis of religion, casts, race, colour, gender, etc. I am just gonna give an example, a fact actually and no offence to anyone. We all know that now Afghanistan is a Muslim country and the inequality of gender and also the fight the women are facing. Before 1979, Afghanistan was as modern as any other modern countries. There were unequal laws and there was no discrimination. The women there used wear skirts, frock, etc. And now they wear Burka with face covered with veil or niqab. Before Taliban they were far more modern. They were developing but then the war, domination by Taliban. What was the purpose of except ruling and dominating the place, creating fear in the hearts of the people, especially women.

Before 1979 Afghanistan

Now, after Taliban Afghanistan

It is not just about these two countries. These are just examples. Discrimination is going on all over the world in many forms. America is a developed country but still many face discrimination there too. Am not against anything. Sarees, lehenga, Burka, etc. anything can be worn by a girl but not against her will. It depends on her that what she will wear. You are no one to decide or judge her by her clothes.  For example hairstyle. If I had hairstyle like Einstein then people will look at me strangely and say that am mad, messy, etc but am not. If I wear a saree or Burka for instance, then that doesn’t make me backward or illiterate. If I wear frock, bikini, shots, etc. doesn’t mean that I sleep around with guys or am available you jerk. It just means I am comfortable wearing these clothes or like wearing them.

Change can be brought from home itself. Parents shouldn’t tell girls what to wear and what not to and better throw the phrase “What will the society say?” into the trash or may be out of the galaxy. They should teach the boys how to look and respect.

Why not lock the boys inside the gates after 7 at night and making them understand that “YOU are a BOY” and setting free the girls and not telling them “YOU are a GIRL.” Because we know we are girls and we are PROUD to be. So stop discriminating and making the girls feel bad about why they were born as a girl because they have a lot to discover and prove to the world what they can do. Make sure YOU Raise your Voice.

There’s so much I wanna write and talk about but you may fall asleep if you aren’t interested which is too bad because you should be. Please do like, comment, share and subscribe because it is very important to me. Do leave your views below in the comments. Ans I apologise if anything in my post was offensive or anything.

Thank You and also check out my other posts.


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