Daily Prompt: Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

Tree??? Well it is green for sure. If we go with the science way or botany then we can say that trees are perennial plant species with elongated trunk that supports the branches and leaves. They are not shrubs or plants. they have a specified height. Trees are really very long lived like thousand years and on. They have existed for like 370 million years or may be more than that. There are around 3 trillion mature trees in the world. I mean may be I saw one in my previous life and then seeing it again now after my reincarnation. They are said to be living organisms even though they cannot walk or talk. They have their own kinda movement and living system. But like humans they need air, water, sunlight and food. They cook their own food you know. They are master chef universe and you gotta agree with me because you won’t be reading this right now if they didn’t cook food for you. There’s so much about it. Photosynthesis, vascular tissues, etc. Another fact is that because of their longevity and usefulness, trees have always been revered, with sacred groves in various cultures and they play various roles on the world mythologies.The tallest known tree, a coast redwood named Hyperion is 379 ft high and the oldest tree is Methuselah, a bristlecone pine tree which is about 5000 years old. Actually am not really sure if its the oldest because there is a banyan tree in Bodhgaya, India which is a lot more old than that but I don’t remember its name so can’t tell you.

Trees teach us so many values. It gives us everything, even its root and does not ask anything in return. It does ‘karma’ but doesn’t care about getting the fruit. We can learn so much from it and also imply it in our life. We pray in church, temple, mosque, etc. but we don’t ever care to thank the trees for giving oxygen, food and so many more. So, I hope that we are gonna take the term cut one then grow ten seriously and just take a second to thank them.

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