I am really sorry that I have been off for a few days. Actually more than a few days. I am like suffering totally. I had school stuff and also I was very ill. As you can see and guess by that, that I have typhoid and it really sucks.

Am not going out because of all this fever and headache and all which is due to typhoid. I was suffering since many days. At first I thought it is just normal fever, cold  and cough but after taking medicine also nothing worked. Then I went to the Doctor and he said may be I should get a blood test. So then I had it done then I I was waiting for the reports. The reports said that my haemoglobin is low and I have typhoid and then prescribed me medicines.

Now am like in a routine. Fixed time table to eat because of the medicines. This is driving me crazy. I cannot have non-veg food and that is so bad. No chicken, sea food, etc. I cannot have any stuff from outside and I can only eat home cooked food that too boiled. Iron tonics, vitamin-d tablets and many more. I only like the fruits part in the routine though.

I feel more bad for myself than anyone else. The worst part is when I googled to know about this disease i found out scary things that am gonna experience like hair-loss, which is a very big deal for me. Gosh I love my hair. Then body pain, headache, etc. Mine is minor so there is not much to worry about but the people who get para-typhoid also have the chances of loosing teeth and they are admitted to the hospital. So, God bless me. Due to the medicines I take I feel like something is burning inside my body, I cannot sleep at all. I do not feel like having anything or get any taste. It’s like my tongue is paralysed. And sometimes because of the fever I feel so cold that I cover myself with blankets. It really annoys me so much. But it is OK. Am gonna be fine with in no time. Actually the course of the medicine is for a month but i have to follow the routine and the food habits for at least 6 months. I do not even feel like going on a party when all I love is to dance on the beats of music and having fum with my friends. But I can’t risk my health so I have to follow all of these things.

If anyone else is suffering from any kind of disease, even if it is a common cold, take it seriously. I know a person who didn’t really bother about cough and cold which are the symptoms for many diseases and he had them for over a month. Then when it got serious then he had to be taken to the  hospital and all were worried. We came to know he has Tuberculosis. I hope you guys know what it is.

So do not risk your health. Stay safe and blessed.

Thank You. And will be back soon.


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