I stood in front of the mirror

my eyes looked into mine

What a strange stare it was

knowing all my lies.

I told myself, I  am right

My image looked back at me

I stared at the floor 

What was the mirror’s impact..

I slowly looked up to myself again

ans I saw a stranger looking back..

The mirror  knew the secret I couldn’t accept

it knew the stranger was me.

The mirror asked me out loud,

‘Where did your vibrancy go?

Why did you let someone take your spark away?

That someone who doesn’t even care or hold you up.

Take a good look at you in me.’

I was numb, but still I spoke

My eyes looked into mine with water in both.

It poured into my heart to seek the good

The mirror spoke to me and did all it could

Yes, the mirror in me spoke the truth. 

I hope you like my work. It’s totally on what I felt like or may be feel like. We change but we don’t realise for good or bad. Look into the mirror in you and be who you are. Don’t let anyone take away your spark. Be happy.Please do like, comment, share and subscribe if you feel so.

Thank You..


3 thoughts on “THE MIRROR”

  1. Beautiful and sincere… I had to ask myself some day..what have I turned into…its not a reflection of who I think i am but thats what I am stiring at the mirror, a beast..I alone know the creature inside. Tamed by all the walls cover up inside. Thanks for sharing

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