What we miss….

A conversation with a childhood friend got me into thinking that how we have changed.  The way we used to hangout or our deals of friendship, everything. How different it is now.  I think before I speak. We don’t settle for candies just worth 5 bucks.  No plans with parents. First we are just kids, then teen and then adult.  Kids: just being fun.  Teen: changing emotionally, physically and also the idea of fun changes. Adult: a grown up with understanding and responsibilities.

I just thought of laying down a few moments that I miss now and I guess many others miss them too.   I do miss my childhood and it’s just so bad that I can’t bring it back.

  • Waking up early in the morning only to go out and play with our buddies.
  • Giving a damn about what we look like. About dress,  hair, etc.  No worries.
  • Not worrying about whether that guy liked me or not.
  • Getting dirty,  a total mess and coming home and our mom asking  to go and take a bath.  And then taking a long bubble bath.
  • When swearing upon lies was such a bad thing.
  • When there was no such thing as rumor. No complications at all.
  • When getting in trouble at school happened only because we wouldn’t  wanna share our crayons.
  • When the only number we had was the home number.
  • When we did not spend 4 or 5 hours a day on Tumblr, Twitter, etc.
  • When the only reason girls cried was because of getting a wound or if someone died.
  • The way I held on to my mumma’s hand whenever I was in a mall.
  • When the only music we listened to was on Disney.
  • When our parents planned our parties and the guest list.
  • When we could do whatever we want to without being judged.
  • When we did not text all day through what’s app, messenger, hike, etc.

I hope you agree with me and if there is any suggestion you wanna give me then please leave it on the comments below.  Please do like, comment, share and subscribe if you feel so.

Thank you so much.


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