• Make peace with your past so it does not spoil your present.

I always try keep myself strong and busy so that I do not think about the tragedies of my past. But that does not actually mean moving on. We cannot avoid the past because it is a big part of who we are. But we surely can deal with it and move on. That is what life is about.

  • What others think of you is none of your business.

We all have so many things in common. One of it is thinking about what others will think about what you do. If someone pokes you a lot about something and is always giving suggestions then we do say that “None of your business.” But you know they won’t do that ever. So why don’t you stop getting irritated and just ignore the words.  One can call you anything or talk about you but you know who you are. So, all I mean is chill and let your fans talk about you. You can give an autograph if you want…

  • Give the time ‘Sometime.’

You know we all are just so impatient. We do not even wait for 5 minutes at a cafe for coffee or to eat at your favourite restaurant. We think that nothing should take more than a second.  If your relationship is going through a tough time then just give it a while and let the air cool.  If your parents  are not getting your point then make them understand and be patient. You cannot always expect a quick result for anything. Even the computer takes time to load commands. Time heals almost everything.

  • No one is the reason of your Happiness except YOU yourself.

We always blame others for our sorrows or problems. We try to find happiness in other people or stuff. But there is only one fact to make you happy and that is YOU. When you are unhappy you cannot make someone else happy. Laughing for a while does not mean being happy. By happy I mean smiling from the inside. Letting go your worries and cherishing the small moments of your life.  So, all you need to do is fall in love with yourself.

  • Do not compare your life with others.

We always complain about how others are living their lives. The comparison is never-ending. Somebody else’s lifestyle always fascinates us. But we forget that there is a huge difference between our goals and their goals.  You have no idea what their journey is about. Be happy with what you have and be charming.

  • Stop thinking too much.

Humans have the tendency to panic in difficult situations.  Anyone will.  A very few have the ability to handle situations by keeping their cool. We panic because we think too much about it with no positive attitude towards it. Over thinking on a particular matter does nothing but just builds your worries. Try not to over think on matters and keep a positive attitude  with a steady mind. And remember it is alright not to know all the answers.

  • Smile

May be you are in a difficult situation. May be things are not at the right place in your life.  But so many are connected with you. The people who worry about you and love you. Your worries will make them worry and your sorrows make them feel sad. Why should they suffer?  We are always so self involved that we forget about how the people in our surroundings will feel by our behaviour.  As I said don’t over think about your problems and miss the best moments with the most amazing people of your life.  Smile and face the problems with all your strength.  You don’t own all the problems in the world.

Live free, be positive and love yourself before trying to love others. Leave your past behind because it is not your future. I don’t know if it is gonna vanish all your problems but it will definitely make it a lot easier to deal with them.

Thank You. Give all your views and suggestions in the comments below because they matter a lot. Like, comment, share and subscribe if you feel so.



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