I am a 12th grade student with no idea what my future will be like. At present I just know I need to study to graduate high school and after that… well I do know what it can be according to others. Am gonna get admission in an Engineering college. Then I’ll become an engineer and work my ass off everyday. Be the most studious and sincere child, my parents can want me to be and be proud of. But when did I choose to become an engineer? I do not even remember about making plans after high school. All I have thought about is what am I gonna do tonight, making plans with my friends for the weekend, what am gonna wear to the movies, or what food should I get for the slumber party,etc. 

My parents tell me about me as if they sat on a time machine, breaking through the barriers went saw my future and now came back to the present to tell me about it. When I was much, much younger my parents decided my future for me and I won’t lie, it used to excite me that I would become an engineer. But now, when I am elder enough to understand myself, my interests, all I ask myself is,’ Do I wanna become Engineer? Is it what I want?’

When I was eight I wanted to become the president of India. All I would do is stand on my hall room sofa and give speech to the TV, furniture, etc. On reaching 11, I wanted to become an astronaut. Go to the moon, see the stars from close. See how beautiful the space is. And the most exciting part was the rocket I would sit on and go. The one I first saw on Tom and Jerry show. At the age of 14, I wished to become a rock star and go on world tours. Have a show like Hannah Montana. Be a part of the world’s coolest bands like Linkin Park, Maroon 5, etc. Now, if someone asks me what you wanna become, then I’ll answer definitely engineer with all the question marks suppressed in my heart and mind. And I’ll just wanna say ‘Who the hell knows?’ At least I don’t. 

Right from the 6th standard I have a future planned by my parents when all I wanted to do is chill, go dancing with my friends, make fun of others with them, laugh out loud on the streets and just have fun. What happened to school being about fun and making friends, making mistakes and learning from them?? Why is it just about competition now? Why is success just about fame and money? Why can’t it just be about being happy and feeling great?

May be people have forgotten  to love their job. Or may be they have forgotten to do the job they love. Why isn’t passion an option anymore? Indirectly it’s always the society who’s deciding everything for you. In this human race have we forgotten to do what we love in order to love what we are asked to do?  Can’t I be the one to choose a career for myself?

Too many questions with the urge of finding the answers. Stop searching for the answers elsewhere and ask yourself. Ask questions and keep asking until you get all the answers you are looking for. If there will be no questions then there’s no answers. If no answers, then there’s no YOU.

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Thank You.


7 thoughts on “TAKING DECISIONS”

  1. The thing about college and career is that we have to choose them when we’re so young. We often outgrow our choices but remain stuck in them. Parents mean well, but they can’t channel their children’s dreams. It’s never easy, but the best choice for you is the one you make. Writing may be in your future, if you feel it strongly. Rich

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    1. You are definitely right. But what about the time when you get opportunities but still they are not gonna support you. Am saying this because I’ve lost opportunities and my parents know I can do this but they just want me to do what they want.

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      1. I wish I had a better answer for you because you really deserve one. It’s always hard to go against the wishes of one’s parents, especially when they are still responsible for your welfare and you may not ready to move out on your own. But even if you were ready, it may not be a good decision. It’s obvious you love them, and love you in a way that protects (and perhaps overprotects) you. That love can get truly injured in such a process.

        You haven’t said what kind of opportunities you have had to lose because of their decisions. If you have an opportunity that allows you to stay at home and work on your development in a field such as writing, then perhaps you could approach them that way. If it is something you can do in parallel with your other studies and responsibilities, maybe you can guide them to an agreement. You are certainly a good critical thinker.

        I wish you all the best,

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  2. I’m sorry for the above answer, it is incomplete because I accidentally sent it when it wasn’t finished.

    What I wanted to say: Sometimes the best advice is to wait, but I know that this is a hard answer for you to accept. If I understand your situation, your thoughts and emotions are open to what is best for both persons –you and a young man –but the young men you know and meet seem to care only about themselves and how they can benefit personally from entering into a relationship with you.

    This takes me back to my earlier reply about emotional maturity. I’m not sure how old you are but I think you are in high school. The young men your age or even a year older seldom focus on building a good mutual relationship because they haven’t gotten to that point yet. Someone older would be more mature, but honestly dating someone that much older usually has a whole different set of problems that are just as bad.

    What I recommend is that you wait to enter into a committed relationship until you begin to find young men who have now become mature enough to understand you and respect your feelings. This will come, I assure you.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if it’s not clear. Richard

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