Searching for the light

In a dark silent night

the moon, that looked so dull

the stars were not bright.

I gazed at them

like it was you glancing back.

The atmosphere was full 

with Shakespeare’s romance

But I just stared 

loosing you from my sight.

I wept with in, my soul cried

Too strong to show tears 

Could not just love

holding my Ego and Pride.

I remember… I remember it all

Your kiss and Oh! that touch,

tender like a feathers flight.

I recall your tears and

 your beautiful eyes

wanting to be with me

even though, you had to fight.

I didn’t stop you or call out your name

I didn’t do right

when all I had to ask was

“Will you be my light?”

I hope you all out there like my work. I wrote it just like that as the pen went on. Please do like, comment, share and subscribe if you feel so.

Thank You.


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