Discovering Ourselves

There are so many things we like to do or things that we are passionate about. At present, am just a student who dreams of achieving everything possible. Each and everyone human is attracted to the luxurious lifestyle but hard work doesn’t attract anyone. i am definitely including myself in that category. 

You may find thus very weird but sometimes I act like I am a super star or may be a politician , etc with bodyguards around me. Don’t worry am not a Psycho. One day, I woke up and told my mother that I want to become a BOXER. This was the day after I watched the biography of MARY KOM acted by Priyanka Chopra. Believe me my mother gave me a straight blank look to me for the next 30 seconds may be. She was like ‘where did this come from?’ She was stunned by me and that happens quite often actually. My elder sister who was standing beside her, gave me the weirdest look and said “Oh! i didn’t see that coming at all.” The sudden idea of making boxing my career lasted for three to four days max. And then the idea was dropped by me after all. I don’t know what they call it but I guess it can be described as career mood swings. Like, whenever I sing I dream of being the ultimate rock star of the galaxy. Same goes for dance. And this feeling never goes and I guess it will stay with me only. Today, I sang so loud, holding the hair brush like a mike while the soft toys on my bed glanced at me and there was no applause. I’ve been to competitions for singing and dancing, always backed the first position (believe me am not kidding).  But I don’t think so that’s enough. I would like to share another experience as well. Last year while watching a movie named RAJNEETI with my sister, I wanted to be a POLITICIAN and give speeches and do something for the country. 

It happens to me all the time. and I just hope that this doesn’t just happen to me but also to many others out there. Because if it doesn’t then I have to accept the fact that am the weirdest person on earth or from the planet of apes. 

Watching Knight and Day, and wanting to be a special agent and killing the villains. Wanting to be the partner in crime of Dominic in F&F and riding cars falling off the helicopters and taking the bad guys down. And who doesn’t wanna be like the Avengers or the X-Men. Though, I know it’s not true but still it fascinates me. Humans always get fascinated towards incredible and may be sometimes impossible things. Thar’s how we are.

We have a gift called imagination which is so powerful. The ideas changing the world was initiated with the power to imagine. And that’s what makes us different. That is why we are capable of bringing difference. Dreams are nothing but the thoughts in some corner of our brain that gets generated by our subconscious mind.  I do imagine, how will it be to possess so much power that can make me capable of saving, creating and even destroying. It depends how I choose it.

So many questions, complications and no answers for single one of them. People expect something and I want something. But now I’ve learned. So, all I can say is, never stop dreaming and chase the right one. Do something you are passionate about. Dreams are imaginations, they are hopes. Don’t let them slip away. Being different.

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5 thoughts on “Discovering Ourselves”

  1. I never cease to be enthralled by the images and wisdom your words weave in my mind. Dreams and imagination! The two keys to a self-actualizing life. Hold on to them no matter how much others try to discourage, ridicule and belittle you, no matter how often they treat you with disdain instead of the encouragement you so richly deserve.
    With true admiration,

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