What are relationships?? How are they built?  How can someone come to a conclusion of its true or not?

I have many questions in my mind and heart.  More than what am going to lay down here today.

Our society teaches us everything.  To adjust, compromise, sacrifice, loyal, etc.  But I always wonder why are these teachings mostly given to the female clan of the world? In the big Indian custom society girls are told about limits and taught to adjust and compromise before she’s grown into a your woman.  She’s taught to adapt with others like and dislikes,  keeping hers aside.

When she’s a daughter she cannot even wear the clothes of her choice.  She’s not free enough tk go out and enjoy by herself with her friends like her brother or any other guys she may know. Even the way she’s gonna keep her hair isn’t her choice I guess.  May be parents think of setting her free but the notion that what will people think is what blocks their mind and shut out the words of their heart.  When she’s a elder sister she has to a brother or sister then even she does not realize when she turns into a mother when she is still being a sister.  Putting their needs and wants before hers.  Caring for them,  loving them so dearly like a mother loves her child.  A girl is always taught sharing and adjusting before truly living.  Having a elder brother is good because who have someone to protect you but when he is the one making differences then that doesn’t work.  If his girlfriend can stay out with him late then it’s cool but if his sister is out even with her close friends then it’s not.  If his girlfriend is gonna get a tattoo above her ass then it’s fine but if his sister gets a hair streak then that’s being over smart and going out of hands etc.  I don’t understand the difference but the relation you share.  But why different rules for the same species? Being a girlfriend is not a piece of cake too.  If being the girl you have many friends who are boys then you are called a slut.  But being the guy if he have got many girlfriends then he’s called a stud.  If being the girl in the relationship you go out with your friends and hangout with them then trust me it’s not cool for anyone to deal with. But being the guy in the same relationship you can do whatever you want and do whatever you want and whenever you want.  Weird na?  Doing the same thing but still there’s a huge difference and is mad a huge deal out of it? All the difference that I can point out is just the gender  and nothing else.

Being questioned and answering them is the part of a girl and asking is of a guy?  Is it really that?  That’s it?  Is that what the society  is going to be like?

So many differences plotted out in front of us from the difference in their minds.  So many roles she has to play.  And she’s expected to do it with all her perfection.  She must be a perfect daughter,  elder and  younger,  a perfect sister,  elder and younger,  a perfect girlfriend, etc.  and many other roles yet to play or  write about.

I always ask myself what am I doing here?  What is going to happen next?  What is that people are expectimg from me?  Is it same to what I expect from myself?  What is the actual difference that u can’t see?  Why do I see just the gender difference and people see something else to?  What is it that I don’t see and others do? Or may be there is something that I see and the others don’t

I wanna bring a change.  I am the change and also you are.  Stand for the right against the wrong.  Don’t forget where you belong.  Be human not just a division.

If you’ve read this then thank you so much that you thought that it was worth it.  Like, share, comment and subscribe if you think I deserve.  You can also check out some of my other works.

Thank you.


One thought on “#1 RELATIONSHIPS OF A GIRL”

  1. Reblogged this on litmathtest and commented:
    I have come across this powerful post written by a young woman who I believe lives in India. I understand all her questions but can’t think of one answer I could give her that would help her to feel less trapped. I don’t have many followers, but maybe among you there is someone who can open a door to hope for her.


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