Her voice still shivering

her eyes, in it I see shame

Not for herself but for

the world which blames.

Hiding her words 

behind her hair

There are stories hidden 

behind her face.

She was torn into pieces

Animals ripped her apart

They are still in the city

with the evil smile and

no pain in heart.

She has the voice to speak

But no body can hear her

never ending scream.

like a old, useless beauty cream

With desires smashed and dreams shattered

Standing in front of the mirror

with a love empty heart

now filled with hate, agony and threat

She walked into the same road of the city

with no fear like the dead.

I hope you like it. think deep and understand what I wanna say by my words.

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Thank You. 


6 thoughts on “HER VOICE”

  1. Deep words…she wants to be heard… Some know her pains… They suppress the truth … They watch her go through the darkness because they are cowards…Her story is not new .. It revolves generations after generations. Keep voicing, some day the world will be forced to hear her voice .


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