At night when the world sleeps 

I am awake with the glowing stars 

of the darkest sky

Dreaming of you with your

charming smile and glittering eyes.

Never loved or thought what it meant

It’s hard to explain what I want

All I know is my hate for goodbye’s

when it is midnight and the clock strikes.

Can you let this moment go?

Making  me dull as the fog

Without you I can never glow.

Is it easy to forget?

or it’s only sorrow that you get?

I have seen in your eyes 

the love so deep

I have heard the words 

that in your heart you keep.

Just give me comfort holding my hand

Hearing your heartbeat, crossing tomorrow land

Let’s forget all sorrows and never fall apart

Let’s make our world and our own band.

These are not just words that I phrase

It’s a letter I wrote kept with me since days….

I hope you appreciate my efforts.. Your views matter a lot.. So please so comment, like, share and subscribe.

Thank You.


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