Journey just means travelling from one place to another. Of course it means that. But does this sentence define it totally?? May be there’s more to it than just travelling somewhere with a backpack. Am sitting in front of my laptop but still I am a travelling. Am travelling as each second is passing by. Am travelling down the road with no fixed destination. There is always ups and downs, and believe me mostly downs but I won’t stop walking instead I may run to reach the end point or may be just steadily move towards it with a latte in my hand and the other one empty to hold on to the right person I know I’ll meet during my journey of life. The roads are difficult, it hurts, give you pain but in all it’s a beautiful journey with a few beautiful people. After all you cannot change your journey if you are unwilling to move at all.You need to travel thousand miles by yourself but first you need to take the step. Don’t expect everyone to understand the road you chose. They haven’t been to your path. You need to hunt for who you are. No one can help you find except you yourself. Embrace the pain you get. Burn it as fuel for your journey. Take risks but the one you won’t regret. It will teach you lessons you’ve never been taught. The only impossible journey is the one which hasn’t started yet.




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