So the daily posts say that today’s promt is Darkness.  I too wanted to give my views on it.

What is darkness?  Is it just black out?  Is it just when people aren’t able to see anything? Well I think so,  may be it’s more than that.  Darkness isn’t just the absence of light.  May be it’s when the light is left behind in the shadows.  Who knows the real definition of darkness?  According to science (physics),  an object is said to be dark when it absorbs the photons and appear to be dim when compared to other objects. And technically when the components of pixels (computer display) red,  green and blue illuminate to the highest point of their range (255) they appear white and when they reach the lowest (0) they appear black.

If it’s just about what physics and technology has taught us then why does darkness bother humans so much?  Is it just the color of night that we see or is it something else we look for through the black screen in front of us?

All these questions may be we all ask to ourselves or  hav asked ourselves at least once in our life.  Let’s put some light on our surroundings which is already illuminated with lights.  When a person feels happy on seeing someone in sorrow then that is darkness.  When the leaders of different countries instead of thinking about the people of their country just think about themselves and fill their pockets or anything then that is darkness.  When a guy or girl bitches about their friends by not understanding the relation and it’s value that they shre with them then that is darkness.  Leaving someone alone at the time when they really need us,  betraying a person,  cheating on someone no matter what the reason is nothing but darkness.  It’s the darkness with in that shallow person who doesn’t have guts and her at to face the real situation and accept it.

May be you can make the darkness around you disappear by switching on the lights 💡.  But what about the black dark thing I don’t know what to call it going on in your your nerves. Not only yours, many of us have done wrong,  is doing wrong.  Dark is not just the color of night.  It’s the color that we all hold inside us but we don’t understand when we got it into ourselves.

Try to  find out the dark with in you.  Just sit and try to think for once all the wrongs you have done in your life or even what is going on around you. Let ho your darker side and also make others do the same.   Shine and make a brighter and happier world.

I hope you all like my views on this. And please do comment,  like, share and subscribe if you like my work. Do give your views on it.

Thank you so much for bearing this.


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