Human beings always expect from others more than what they can do and some expect not even under the line of possibilities.

I used to feel proud before when I was younger that my parents have so much believe on me that I have the potential to do so many things.  To become a aerospace engineer.  But now this excess of believe and expectations just scare the hell out of me.  It scares me that how am I going to land up on their expectations? How am I going to excel at something I do not even know I want to do or not.  Their expectations and dream for me never let’s me think and dream about what I want to make out of my life…

Expectations does encourage but it also ties us up in such  a situation from where you don’t even know the directions.  I can say that I’m tied up in such a manner that I can’t find my own path.  I can’t find where or which way to go.  Now my mind is totally blank filled with only what others want and expect from me but not what I want to do with my self.  All this frustrates me and rips me apart from with in.  When others tell me what to do and what not to do I fell like yelling but all I do is remain quite and shout silently.  And again my voice remain unheard.  Breaking physically is better than breaking mentally.

When there is no expectations that to crushes u.  You do not get the confidence to do something and your self esteem hors down and low.

It’s weird how both more pr no expectations can pull us down onto a pit from where coming out is the most difficult part.  May be it’s truly said that excess of anything is injurious.

Why people don’t happen to understand such a simple thing that we are who we are and can do what we want to.  They don’t need to dream for us.  All they need is to stand by our side and appreciate us for who we are.  Instead of holding on our necks they should hold our hand,  not to drag us to their goals but to just walk along us in the journey we chose.

I don’t know about you but am gonna try to open this knot and come out of this shell.  I have to get this fear out of me or turn it into my strength.  It’s not a war but I may loose.  It’s my reality, I have to win.

Thank u for bearing with me.  I hope you like my views.  And if u do then please comment, like, share and subscribe.

Thank you again.


3 thoughts on “FEAR of EXPECTATIONS”

  1. Expectations is a very complex word, to be real. We do expect things from people whom we love and if they don’t match up to it, then we blame them. Which is wrong, it’s not their fault you expect them to be a pencil when they are an eraser. Have expectations, but about yourself. Challenge yourself that’s how you grow. I loved your post. And hey, everything will eventually work out in this big scheme of life. 😊.


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