My world was a dark place

The scariest monsters were lurk with in my soul

It’s so strange, Autumn seemed the season of death

And devils were never a threat.

The reality was a prison instead

Darkness reached me faster than light

Then you came in my sight

with your glittering eyes you shined on me

like the brightest star in the darkest sky.

I walked towards the light holding your hand

considering you were my guide.

I thought it was Angel’s

but it was a devil’s kiss

I thought they were of saint’s

but they were a sinner’s lips.

I didn’t realise you are like the moon

the dark side I couldn’t see so soon.

I am wrapped around by the promises you didn’t keep

In a dark forest dark and deep

Now I sit in the corner alone

Singing myself song of the dark eternal sleep.


I hope you liked it. It took a while to complete this. It seems really simple but was a deep thought. If you liked it then please like, comment, share and subscribe.

Thank you..


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