Does one get Shattered due to losing???

I’ve watched people win and fail. When a person achieves his goal, he wants to hold that position and never wanna look back the road. When that very person falls down from the mountain he worked so hard to climb he loses. But still he stands on again and starts his journey. He lost but he didn’t give up.

What made him stand?  How did he stay positive? From where did he get the courage to climb to the peak again???

The answer to all the what, why and where is just a small four letter word HOPE. 

When one loses, he can put himself together and work it out again. He works harder and harder because he knows he can achieve. He knows there’s hope. A person gets shattered when he cannot see the ray of bright light in his dark world. When the hope of dreams, hope of achieving, hope of being vanishes, his hopes in life vanishes.. May be hope keeps one alive. It makes one feel that there’s still a lot left worth living. May be losing a trophy or losing a position is way better than losing hope.

Loss definitely hurts. You’ll cry, yell, get angry. But then you will accede, fight for it, achieve and regain. But once you close the door way of hope you won’t be hurt or angry. You will just swallow your sorrow and surrender yourself to defeat. The easy way out always attracts. Isn’t it???

No. That’s where a person really loses. I used to get so upset on not getting the first position and used to cry as if am gonna create  a new ocean. But now I realised that there’s no point. Why to cry when I can try???? ‘Trying’ with all your heart gives you hope. ‘Doing’ something truly for real gives you hope.

Am just gonna say to all you out the there don’t let the hope inside you die. Not even if it’s of the size of an atom. Because it makes you want something more, makes you aim for big and you work as hard as you can to achieve your goal. Losing may hurt but it makes you a better, stronger person.

It’s so funny.. A four letter word but it’s impact is stronger than a Hydrogen bomb. Remember all you need to do is be strong, believe in yourself and hope.

Thank you.


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