How a thought became my blog??

Hello to everyone out there. Like many others I took a lot of time to gather the courage to start my own blog with no experience or any advice. But one of my friend supported and helped me throughout the process.

The idea of writing came into my mind at a friend’s house. She was showing my her favourite Youtuber “Superwoman’s” video. After that I was reading the posts on her blog and was getting truly inspired. I read all her posts and also commented with my views on it. Then I thought why not start my own blog??? But it remained just a thought. Somewhere with in this used to trigger me that just do it but I guess I was way too scared. The fear of what will people think, they’ll appreciate or laugh, my parents will support or discourage??? always crossed my mind. Then I recalled what Norman Vincent Peale once said, “Change your thoughts, and you’ll change your world.”  I stood up and asked myself ‘do you really want this?’ That day hopefully at last I got my answer. And here I am.

Choosing domain was so difficult. My blog isn’t about anything specific. So, its QUANDARY (uncertain).  I can’t stick to a certain criteria because I don’t have questions about one certain thing. I’m so nervous right now that my feet and hands are cold as if I live in a freezer. But I now understand that it takes only one single moment to forget all the nots, why and what, and gain the confidence to take a risk that may change your life. You never know. May be it’s worth.

I just hope you like what I post and also give your views on it. Thanks to all the bloggers who inspires so much. I hope you’ll wait for the next one. Thanks for bearing.

Special Thanks to Tanya (


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